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Resident's Charter Of Rights


It is the policy of Highborder Lodge that our residential home will seek to provide quality personal care which recognises the rights of an individual to:

  • privacy
  • dignity
  • freedom of choice
  • to have as much control over their life as possible

Staff will therefore work closely with all residents so that their choice in any given situation is: -

  • informed and understood
  • made freely
  • exercised as a right

Our Charter of Residents’ Rights is set out below. if you have any queries, or if you think that there is something which should be added to the charter, please speak to one of our staff.

Charter Of Rights

If you are a resident of Highborder Lodge you have the right to: -

  • bring into the home any possessions and/or furniture within the limits of the space available in the building
  • choose how and with whom you spend your day
  • have access to your own room(s) when you wish
  • entertain any visitors in your room and to invite people to visit you whenever you wish. if, however, you share a room you may have to ask the other occupant
  • rise and go to bed as you please
  • where possible manage your own finances or make suitable arrangements for somebody else to do so on your behalf. i.e. family, power of attorney etc
  • use the home’s designated facilities for preparing snacks and beverages
  • take part in any social or recreational activities of your choosing
  • have access to any written material directly concerning you, held by the management
  • have the right to expect that any information imparted to a member of staff will be treated with respect and confidentiality
  • be involved in any discussions about your care
  • go out and about as much as you wish and are able
  • take part in religious meetings or services arranged in the home, or to attend church, temple, or other religious meeting place of your choice
  • have access to physiotherapy, a district nurse or other services provided by the district health authority
  • have the right to expect that staff in the home will arrange transport for you to attend hospital appointments etc. within the limits of the service; (please be advised that transport costs are the responsibility of residents and/or their family)
  • eat when you wish during specified meal times
  • select your meals from a choice on the menu
  • assist in preparing the home’s menu
  • choose your bathing/washing times and who, if anyone, helps you
  • purchase and wear the clothes you wish
  • contribute to the running of the home by attending residents’ committee meetings
  • have access to a social worker and any other service provided by the social services department and to consult a solicitor or any other individual or agency whenever you wish
  • be able to complain without fear of reprisal using the complaints procedure as outlined
  • be called by the name of your choice
  • have the right to express your sexual needs in privacy and without causing offence to other residents
  • to receive in-coming calls to the mobile phone

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