JOB TITLE: Care Assistant  -  Night Shift

ACCOUNTABLE TO: Manager/Proprietor 


1. To assist day staff in preparing residents for bed, as required.

2. To help residents with problems of mobility and other physical disabilities (e.g. incontinence), helping with the use of disability aids and caring for the same, where appropriate.

3. To receive and act upon instructions from Senior Care Staff regarding specific tasks to be carried out during the night.

4. To carry out regular checks on residents throughout the night, according to intervals set by Senior Care Staff and with due regard to residents' individual wishes. 

5. To answer promptly all nurse alarm calls, assessing each situation and dealing with any resident who is seeking help. In cases of emergency to summon duty Senior Care Staff and if necessary to call the emergency GP and / or summon an ambulance.

6. To assist residents who need help or reassurance, providing light drinks or refreshments where required.

7. To carry out regular checks on the building, with particular reference to fire prevention and external security (all windows and external doors secured etc).

8. To   launder, iron  garments and linen, mending / darning where practical.

9. To awaken residents in the morning at their requested times, as appropriate. To assist residents to rise, wash and dress, and where appropriate proceed to the dining room.

10. To help maintain a safe and healthy environment in the Home with due regard to appropriate Food Hygiene and Health & Safety Regulations. To report all accidents to the Night Shift Person-in-Charge.

11. To read and write reports, and to participate in staff and residents' meetings as appropriate.

12. To participate in training activities / course, as directed by senior staff.

13. To assist with End-of-Life Care for residents who are terminally ill.

14. To undertake other duties, as necessary.

15.   To complete tasks and sign cleaning schedule by the end of shift.


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